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As DM Hilltop FURFamily breeders, we believe that puppies and dogs are best served by being raised in homes and not kennels. We feel we need to limit the number of dogs we have here on our premises by placing our puppies and dogs in a home environment that will be their forever home by doing our best to ensure their happiness and well being. These homes are selected through a process of an application. The cost of the puppy or young adult (free) is that a contract is signed that DM Hilltop FURFamily has breeding rights until the dog is retired by us, (the guardian homeowner does not have breeding rights). The pup/dog stays with the guardian family for his or her entire lifetime.
Guardian Home Guidelines
Guardian families must feed a dog food approved by us. We are advocates of health nutrition for dogs, and for feeding foods that will not cause health/reproductive issues, etc.
If the dog becomes sick or injured, we need the family to notify us right away so we are involved in all decisions regarding the treatment of the dog.
We ask the family to practice safe handling of the dog. To not leave the dog outside if they are not at home, use a leash in public and provide basic obedience training so the dog has manners. All things that should be done to protect your dog anyway.
The guardian home is responsible for the transportation of the dog to us when needed for breeding, litters, or health testing. This is the most inconvenient part of the guardian responsibilities. This is the guardian home responsibility and part of how they earn the dog through the program.
You must notify us immediately when the dog comes into heat so we can assess whether or not we will breed. We would also like to be notified when your puppy has its first cycle, somewhere around 6-9 months of age usually, so we can have a calculated guess on when her next cycle will be.
As soon as the family is aware the dog is in heat we will have them arrange to bring the dog to us by day 5 - 7 of the heat cycle. She will remain with us for about 5-7 days (depending on your location) and then they can pick her up and take her back home.
Dogs are pregnant for approximately 63 days.
Pregnancy is actually very easy. The dog may act a little more tired, or not eat normally for a few weeks. The last couple weeks of pregnancy she is usually becoming more hungry and sleeps more as time progresses. Otherwise, normal activity is typical and it is important to continue with walking the dog right up to the end. This helps during delivery. Being in shape is always best.
No chemicals may be given during pregnancy. We have to be notified immediately of any illness or injury so we can be involved in determining how she is treated.
Whelping the Puppies
She will come to us between 7 - 9 days before she is due with her litter. This gives her time to settle into our house, get used to seeing the whelping box. She will go home after the puppies are weaned. This will be at 8 weeks of age.

Routine Care
The puppy/dog must live indoors. When the owners leave the home, the dog must be crated or have a blocked off area in the home for its own safety.
All other dogs in the home/property must be spayed or neutered.
The home must have a fenced yard or properly working wireless/in ground fence system.
The guardian home must be able to afford maintenance which includes annual vet exams for vaccines, vet visits for any injury or sickness while in your care, heart worm medication, flea/tick prevention, grooming, food and supplies.
For poodle or Doodle homes we ask that families keep the dog in one of the typical cuts for Doodles, with an exception of a clean muzzle for Poodles. The most important part is the head and ears. We want them to have the look a doodle is supposed to have, as I try to get a lot of pictures of them for the website. It's very easy and most groomers will do okay if given specifics when you take the dog in.
We do require that the dog be kept groomed and matt free. If you are unable to keep the coat in good shape yourself, you are required to use a groomer to do so. It is important that they are maintained and not matted and in bad shape.
We contract for age 4-4.5 for females and 5-6 for males. We are concerned for the well-being of our program dogs. If we find that the girl has problems with deliveries or it would be unhealthy for them to breed again, we will stop the breeding program with her before that age and she will be yours.
We pay for the spay surgery after the girl has had time to recover from the last litter and have her hormone levels return to normal. This is usually within approximately 2 months after having puppies.
Return of Dog
During the term of this Agreement, Guardian may permanently return the dog to Breeders for any reason, at which time this Agreement shall terminate.
We do offer compensation pay after each litter to our guardian homes. The pay more than covers yearly expenses on your end. After reading the expectations and guidelines of being a guardian home, you feel like you and your family would be a good fit, please fill out the following Application.
Thank you so much for taking interest in our Guardian Home Program!

Dan & Mindy Blair

DM Hilltop FURFamily Guardian Home Opportunity

Our Dogs Currently Looking For Their Guardian Family



8 Month Old Mini Goldendoodle

Predicted adult weight: 25lbs



19 Month Old Mini Goldendoodle




3 Year Old Mini AKC Poodle


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