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What's Included In Our Puppy Take Home Bags

Container of puppy food
*We feed all of our dogs and puppies PawTree products as it’s a nutrient dense, high-quality formula without all the fillers like most store bought brands and NO poultry by products* I have experienced that our puppies and adult dogs each much less on Pawtree and we prefer a more natural approach when it comes to what we put in and on our dogs and puppies.


Puppy collar (will need a bigger size within the first month)


*We like treats with natural ingredients so again, we go with PawTree for our treats*


Toys (vary per bag)


Measuring Cup


Nuvet Vitamins

Puppy pee pads for the ride home

Blanket with mom and litter mates scent

Snuggle puppy or Calmeroo

Puppy Contract/Health Guarantee

Information for 30 days of Health Insurance

Microchipped with Free registration information

25% off Lifetime membership to Baxter & Bella’s online training with a Certified Dog Trainer.  If you provide our Code, you will save 25% off your lifetime membership. Amy also offers LIVE in home training. Link below for additional information. I have had 100% positive feedback from DM Hilltop families who have used this program. 
Use Code


Supplies Needed/Recommended Before You Bring Your Pup Home 

Food & water dish (preferably stainless steel or ceramic)

Crate or Exercise pen
A  24 inch (Mini) or 30/32inch (standard) crate will work for the first few months. I recommend buying a larger crate (42inch+/standard) with a divider to open as they grow but either will work.

Grooming tools (brush (slicker brush for the Goldendoodles), metal comb, nail clippers or dremel)

Shampoo I personally use PawTree shampoo & Conditioner, along with their deodorizing mist. I also use Cowboy Magic detangler)


​Pet Training Clicker

Chew toys......LOTS OF CHEW TOYS!
Kong, bully sticks or Antlers are a couple of great choices that last longer than some others-NO RAWHIDE or ROPE TOYS!!


Hanging Bells for the door your pup will use for houstraining

Enzyme cleaner
Regular household cleaners may remove pet stains but the odors remain for the dog even if the humans can no longer smell it. Puppies will continually return to areas in which they’ve gone to the bathroom before and repeat their “accident” unless enzyme cleaners are used.

Call ahead of time to make your follow up check up with a Licensed Veterinarian within 72hours after you bring your puppy home. Don’t forget to set up another check up while you’re there for your pups second set of vaccinations and to discuss Heartworm and a Flea & Tick preventatives. We personally use Heartguard monthly and Pawtree Flea/Tick spray

We STRONGLY discourage feeding your puppy or dog ANY brand of GRAIN FREE food!!! If interested in learning more about the side effects from using Grain Free food, feel free to email us.


Our Reccomendation Page Link and 

Amazon link to our “Prepare for my puppy” list located below

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