In past years I’ve had puppies go to homes who have later on been trained as Service/Therapy dogs. Meeting our pups new families has been a great experience but there’s always been something special about seeing them to go these homes.
    Each of our dogs are special to us in their own way. I couldn’t imagine a life without a fur baby to love, as I’ve always had at least one dog in our family since I was a little girl. There has been several times in my life that one of my animals has helped me get through a tough time. We would like to do something special to bring joy to another family. Two or three times a year our family donates a Golden Retriever or Goldendoodle puppy to a special family.
    We are excited to team up with Bianca's Kids and Make A Wish - Central NY in helping us find a perfect home for one of our pups.

    This is where we need YOUR help!

    To assure we have somewhere to donate to each year, we’d like to find more families out there! Here are just a few suggestions as to what types of families we’re looking for.

    Our youngest son (pictured here with Jagger) is HFA. We would love to help a family who is looking for a puppy to be trained as a Service Dog or Therapy dog for another Autistic child/adult. One of our other children was diganosed with Lyme, PANDAS and Babesiosis a few years ago.

    My husband is a Veteran so anyone dealing with PTSD or maybe a family who has lost a parent/spouse in the service. My kids know all too well what it feels like to have their Dad gone for weeks/months at a time. A family that has a parent deployed to help comfort them as an emotional support dog during those times would be another great option.

    We have lost family to cancer or had family members going through chemo. A family also going through it would also mean a lot to us.

    Again, these are just suggestions to what type of families we are looking to find but are open to any! Our family is VERY excited to do this and enjoys bringing the same happiness to many families over the years to come!!

  • THANK YOU for taking the time to fill out an application. Our family will go over each application together. Once we have it narrowed down to four recipients, we will email you with any additional questions. We will then require a phone conversation with the last two remaining recipients before we make our final decision.

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