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Our Breeding Program

We have an uncompromising approach to breeding and raising pups

All of our breeding dogs go through extensive health testing, confirmation and temperament evaluations.

Pairings are determined by breed percentages, temperament, size, genetics, structure and coat/color traits. We put a LOT of time into planning our future pairings to produce a healthy and happy puppy to perfectly match our families wants and needs. 

All of our pups are born and raised in our home, in our puppy nursery. Our moms and puppies safety are our number one priority. We provided a quiet and stress free environment for them in our nursery.  We consider socialization and mental health just as important as physical health when raising our puppies. They each are handled several times a day by our family of 7 and are able to interact with our adult dogs. We start the socilization and training process as early as 3 days old.

Training and exposure begins at 3 days old when we introduce ENS, along with ESI. ENS also known as Early Neurological Stimulation applies mild stressors, which has been known to improve their health, become more tolerable to stress and  perform better in certain problem solving tests.  We follow both Puppy Culture methods and BAB curriculum protocols. We start potty training as early as 3 weeks, crate training beginning at 5-6 weeks and introduce them to a grooming table and grooming tools. This helps for an easier transition when they go to their new homes. We incorporate several steps, each at a specific stage along with desenitizing them to certain sounds & textures. 









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