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How Do I Adopt
DM Hilltop Pup

All new litters (Goldendoodles) will be offered to families on our waiting list first. Any puppies remaining after going through our list will then be offered for sale to the public.
Our waiting list goes in the order of the date the application was approved and fee was received. We require the first non-refundable waiting list fee of  $150 to be placed on a specific moms waiting list. This is to secure your spot in the line up for a puppy from the upcoming litter, but is also transferable. This meaning, if the litter does not produce enough pups or a pup of your preference, we can transfer it to keep your spot on the  list for a future litter. This fee will be deducted from the full purchase price of your puppy. We allow families to pass to future litters for up to 12 months. If by 12 months you haven't moved to a specific litters reservation list because of passing on your turn,  your fee will transfer to our inactive list.
When the puppies are born we will reach out to each family in order of the date the fee was placed with litter count, gender and color variety.  We then require a nonrefundable reservation fee of $350, to be made within 24 hours of notification of birth, to hold your puppy.  At this time we require you to pick the gender of your choice. Gender can NOT be changed once you’ve made your decision. Your fee will be applied towards the total purchase price of your puppy.  If the fee isn’t received within the 24 hour time frame, your name will be bumped to the end of our waiting list. Once your fee is placed and your gender is picked, you will then be moved to that specific litters “reservation list.”
If the litter is already born when we receive your applicaton, we require a non refundable reservation fee of $500 to hold your puppy until he/she is 8 weeks old.

We do allow breeders to run genetic testing using Express shipping with GenSol Diagnostics. Results are typically back in about 7 days. 

At times families are placed on our waiting list or reservation list and something comes up with them not being able to get a puppy. Some examples are health issues, moving, took in a rescue, etc.  Because our reservation fees are nonrefundable, they are ALWAYS transferable! 

The remaining balance of your puppy must be paid in cash and is due at 8 weeks old, when you receive your puppy. If puppy is being transported, the remaining balance is due no later than 48 prior to transport and can be paid by Good Dog, Venmo or Cashapp.  Final balance will need to be completed before puppy can leave for transport. I will provide you with a puppy pick up day (always during a weekend) once you move to the reservation list. Your puppy must be picked up on that day. Being a breeder is very time consuming and we like to keep our schedules as close to a “normal” lifestyle for our children, especially during the weekends. This is why we provide a specific pick up day immediately after you're placed on a reservation list, so you have 8 weeks to prepare.

​*As a breeder, we reserve the right to have first and possibly second pick of the litter*




Typically between two and three weeks of age, puppies open their eyes for the first time. The first real photos and videos will begin at this time. I aim to post photos and/or videos weekly therafter on our Facebook page. Families anxiously get excited to select their puppy, but often wonder when it starts or how the process works. We wait until the puppies are between 5 and 6 weeks of age to have our “Puppy Selection Day.” This is a good time because we can start to see coat variations (wavy, or curly for our Goldendoodles) and also see glimpses of temperament. Typically the date of Selection Day is scheduled shortly after birth and will always be on a weekend. We will have 15 minute time slots available. Families will choose whether they’d prefer Facetime/video chat or select their pup from private pics/videos. At that time you will be able to see all the pups together and see how they interact with us and our children. Before receiving their first set of vaccinations, their immune systems are not yet built up and are susceptible to many illnesses, including the parvovirus that could literally kill the entire litter so we try to be as cautious as possible before then, as well as the safety of our family and dogs, which does not allow home visits. 


Predicted adult size is our best estimate based off the weight/size of both parents, their genetic breed percentages and size of pups from previous litters. We can not in any way guarantee an exact weight at full growth


Your puppy will come with a 30 day pet health insurance, vet health report with shot/deworming records, AKC registrations for our Poodles, Microchipped with free registration information, puppy contract/ health guarantee, lifetime breeder support and a puppy starter pack. Our puppy starter packs are put together by our children and include food, treats, sometimes seasonings, toys, collar, leash, puppy pee pads for the ride home, snuggle puppy or Calmeroo, birth certificate and a blanket with mom and littermates scent on it.  More information about what comes with your puppy or to better prepare you before take home day can be found on our Puppy Take Home page.


We do offer to meet within a hour from our home at no extra charge. This option is NOT always available on pick up day (s). We also offer ground pet transportation and air shipping, in cabin with a flight nanny, for an additional fee added on to the price of your puppy. Contact me for a personal quote.


(links provided below)

Fees can be paid through The Good Dog website,Venmo or CASHAPP. 





Puppy Selection Day

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